Kattrin FaberPhotography


  • 29.03.2015: You are invited to our Thomas Meyer seminar exhibition! The opening is coming Thursday, 2nd of April 2015  at 7 pm in Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin. We will have a space of 160 sqm… so the pressure is on.
    The title of my work is “Working World Wide” and I will show portraits of young foreign people at their workplace who came to Germany, searching for better education opportunities and more attractive jobs.
    Please find the invitation flyer containing all information and one of my photographs below.. I will upload my complete work after the exhibition.. right now I don’t want to give away all of them, hoping that you are curious enough to come to the exhibition! 🙂

    Paola from Mexiko, in Germany since 2005 (from the series "Working World Wide")

  • 23.10.2014: This Saturday (25.10.2014) we have the pleasure and honour to open our first group exhibition of the 2012 founded photo-artist group Salon Friedenau at Fotoraum in Cologne. Under the title “Vom Menschen” we will be presenting different portrait series. For further information please have a look at: Fotoraum Köln
    To get more infomation about Salon Friendau, visit our website

  • 16.04.2014: Tomorrow evening (17.04.2014) will be the opening of our group exhibition in Berlin. The Title is ~FAMILIE and the pictures I took of my parents will be part of it. The series is called “Alles gleich. Alles anders.”, Have a look at it in my portfolio.
  • 01.06.2012: My documentary about the taxidermist “Tierpräparator: Abbildner für die Nachwelt”will be shown in a group exhibition in Berlin. Opening is on Friday 8th of June , 2012 at 7pm. All details about the location ane evening programme you can find here: http://www.faitsdivers.de
  • In addition, “dncht – Magazin fuer Fotografie, Gestaltung und Subkultur” just released a special edition with an exerpt of all the work which will be shown: dncht webseite

  • 04.02.2012: Currently I am doing a documentary  about a taxidermist working at the Museum Wiesbaden. Reams of animals are being prepared for the new permanent exhibition which will re-open in 2013.
    I am planning to present my pictures of the taxidermist in a group exhibition in April in Berlin.

  • 08.03.11. My work “Of Men And Animals”  (“Von Menschen und Tieren”) will be shown in a group exhibition on March 11th 2011 in Berlin. For further details click here.